Looptalk is our weekly alignment meeting, which is when we all get in a room together to, well, align. We begin every week with a ten-minute presentation, prepared and delivered by any of us, on any desired topic so long as it’s educational and relevant. Twice every year, Looptalk will be scaled up to accommodate 200 + people with a special distinguished guest in an event called Business Over Barbeque (BOB) Series. At both Loop Talk and BOB, Dart competitions will be held as entertainment.


Our annual retreat, holiday party, growthfest and reset button — all in one. Once a year we all grow away together. That’s right, we pack our overnight bags and head out into the great unknown to learn, share and celebrate.


Two (2) times every year, we pour our hearts and hard work into meeting the needs of non-profits, creating brand strategy, branding, brochures, websites, commercials and videos for such organizations. Helping them is some of the most important work we do.


There are so many things wrong with Ghanaian Brands; branding is not a boardroom concern for most. But some indigenous Ghanaian brands are getting it right. It is brands like these that BOGO Awards seeks to recognize and award.